PayPal Checkout Redesign


Drive the responsive redesign of PayPal checkout, increase conversion, reduce friction, and increase customer acquisition. Also, pilot a new way of working using Lean UX with Agile and rapid iterative user testing.


As a user, it's often times hard and confusing to checkout. How might we make the checkout experience frictionless while making it easier to sign up for a PayPal account?


Taking the experience and making it inline (As opposed to a redirect) will help reduce friction. Adding options like 1 click checkout and remember me will make future visits seamless. Making the experience responsive and adaptive will improve conversion. Having a floated payment option will increase user acquisition.


My team was the first team at PayPal to pilot Lean UX and drive cross-functional collaboration to ship an MVP. We worked closely with engineering, research, product, risk and legal to go from the whiteboard, to code, to UX testing. We iterated this way until we were ready to ship our MVP.



Through the use of Lean UX, my team shipped our frist release and iterated until a full rollout. Using Lean UX allowed us to move faster and create a shared understanding that led to one of the quickest releases in PayPal history. My teams working model quickly became the way for other teams to work across PayPal.


Manager and design leader of the the Checkout UX Team. Wearing all the hats including UI/UX design, Visual Design, Content, Research, and mentoring and managing a team of 3 UX practitioners. Led the way for culture change and defined the engagement model with @billwscott.

Consumer Account Redesign (2011)


Re-imagine the logged in consumer account experience leveraging the power of the digital wallet and the expansive payment programs that PayPal offers. Reduce friction for adding funding instruments while exposing PayPal’s value core prop.


I was the lead UX designer for the homescreen and digital wallet. Worked with a cross discipline team of engineers and product owners as well as led design presentations for our work stream.

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