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Amsterdam Poster Series 2009

Posters submitted for the Arizona State University international poster show in 2009. Selected students who did their internship internationally were chosen to create 5ft posters to hang in the deisgn gallery in the design south building.

The Next Speaker

UI and Visual design project done while interning at Postmachina in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The client needed a custom wordpress template but wanted the site to fit their needs. The grid of speakers was developed and used as the basis for the homepage.

Phoenix Design Week 2010 and 2009

Posters that I created in 2010 and 2009 to support the Phoenix design community and the very first Phoenix Design Week.

Music Poster Series

These posters are meant to be part of a set but can also act independently. Set in Helvetica they are each titled Transcend, Amplify, and Meditate.

ASU Senior Show Poster

Poster submission for the 2010 ASU Senior Show. The show was focused on cultural issues so the poster was made to be a play on words. The name of each student and their topic make up the border of the poster.


Logo, Website, and Branding for the Dutch brewing company TKruutz. Project was designed while interning at Postmachina in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

XERO logo concept

Exploratory logo and branding for XERO. The logo is a mix between the letter X and a number 0.

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