Facebook Search


Facebook Search is a powerful way to find and connect with over 1.7 billion people but it’s also a great way to see what the world is saying about your favorite topics and to find old posts that you remember seeing. The goal of this project was to create awareness and educate people that you can do these types of searches on Facebook.


How do you find an old post on Facebook? Most people would find the entity that they remember seeing the post from, go to their page and scroll till they found it. How could we make this process easier for people? How could you see what the world is saying about your favorite topics and the things you care about the most?


Creating a framework and kit of parts that encompasses awareness built around data and user behavior will lead to retained post search users. Finding moments of friction and delighting with awareness will teach users how to use Facebook search.


Shipped and iterated on multiple types of awareness units across the product. Partnered with product marketing, research, data science, and engineering to ship and learn.


Through the use of rapid releases, user research, and data I developed a framework that involves awareness, value, education, and breath to create a retained cohort of users. This not only tells the user that search exists but gives them a reason to use it, tells them how to use, and shows the many ways they can use it. This was developed into a system that could be deployed across any group of users.


I was the lead designer working on the Search Awareness and Education Team. Worked cross functionally with Analytics, Product, Engineering, and Product Marketing to test multiple campaigns to drive awareness and retention.

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