Doctor On Demand



Doctor On Demand is one of the top telemedicine products on the market enabling people to get access to board-certified doctors 24/7 in less than 5 minutes. Top line KPI’s always support increased visit volume, and member registration. Through the use of patient-centered design the product continues to evolve to solve for real healthcare problems like reduced access to care, cost of care, and the quality of care.


Many of the problems that exist are around getting patients to conduct their first visit. There is a lack of understanding how the product works, what it costs, who the doctors are, and if we take insurance.


Putting relevant, personalized information on the homescreen will solve for patient confusion about how the product works. Aligning the app around a new design language will help build trust. Having a dedicated section called get care will allow users to see what we offer upfront.


Using collaborative and inclusive design, my team worked cross-functionally across the organization to gain user insights, requirements, conduct brainstorms to build and ship our new iOS and Android apps.



As the Director of Product Design, I support my team and oversee design and research for iOS, Android, and our Web-based products. I also play a hands-on role designing for the product and support design for marketing, sales and other parts of the company.

Company Rebrand


Level up design across the company to position the product as premium and solve for the top patient questions; 1)Who are your doctors? 2)How does it work 3)How much does it cost? and 4)Do you take insurance? Other goals include creating consistency and brand standards, instilling trust, increasing accessibility, and increasing member registration.


Style Guide and Office Rebrand


I oversaw and executed the entire rebrand in-house collaborating across design, marketing, engineering and the executive team.

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